Friday, 30 March 2012

iPhone Case

This is a super easy way the get a custom iPhone case for under two dollars!

You will need:
- Clear iPhone case
- Picture or scrapbook paper
- Hole punch
- Pen
- Scissors

I bought my iPhone case online for 1 dollar including shipping. You may also be able to find them at the dollar store.

Trace iPhone case onto picture/paper and cut out.

Place picture in case and trace around camera lens opening.

 Using a hole punch, punch out the opening

Place you phone in the case. Tada! So simple!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I Love You Because...

This is a really wonderful thing to make and display for you and your loved ones to write special notes. I made mine into a magnet but you can definitely just leave it as a regular picture frame and put it on a table or shelf.

You'll Need
- A picture* or paper with the words " I love you because..." 
- Picture frame
- Strong magnets
- Glue or glue gun
- Tape

* To print words on a picture, simply go into the Paint program on your PC and add the words. Make sure to "Save As" under a different name or else you could wreck your original. Then print picture via a regular print or photo printer.

Remove backing from frame. Place picture in desired place and tape if needed. Because this is going on the fridge, I removed the cardboard stand from the back as well.

The back of my frame was inset a bit so I cut the cardboard stand and attached it to my magnets to give them some height.

Glue magnets on back of frame. Make sure you find strong magnets. I found this a bit challenging and ended up testing a whole bunch in the store.

Attach to fridge. With a dry erase marker, write your message. 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Organize Your Pantry

Yikes! This is my pantry cupboard, filled with miscellaneous bulk store bags. Don't judge because I have a feeling I'm not alone! With a quick trip to the dollar store though I managed to tame the beast. You will have to find basket/jar combinations that work best for your needs.

You'll need 
- Several large jars with lids
- A few small jars for smaller items
- Low profile baskets or trays
- Dry erase maker
- Small scoops
- Self adhesive whiteboard paper, chalkboard paper or high gloss labels (optional) 
- Large punch

* Whiteboard paper is optional because you can write directly on the jars*

First soak all the jars in hot soapy water to clean and remove and price tags or labels. Air dry completely.

Punch out shape from whiteboard paper.

Affix label to top or front of jar.

Place canning funnel in jar and fill.

Add a scooper is desired.

Label jar. Repeat.

Small jar for smaller items. 

Once labelled and filled, place jar in baskets. Put basket in cupboard.

Tada! Pantry heaven!

Jars with lids = $15
Small jars = $4.74
Whiteboard paper = $8
White board makers = $1
Baskets = $4.50
Scoops = $5

Total = $38.24

Organization and finding what you need while you bake:

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cutting Fruit

 I just thought I'd share a few simple tricks for cutting some common fruits. Some you may already know and some may be brand new tips.


Find which way the pit runs. The pit is flat and wide. Cut it on the flat side on either sides.

Then cut around the other sides until you have something that looks like this.

Make horizontal and vertical cuts, but do not cut the skin.

Flip it "inside out" and cut or remove each square by hand.


 Cut in half and scrape out the middles with a spoon.

Set one half aside. Flip other half downward onto cutting board and cut into three segments; two ends and one middle. Cut the two ends into three. Cut the middle in two. Repeat with other half.

Stand up one segment on end. With a sharp knife, cut off the skin. Use your other hand on the back of the skin to hold the fruit steady. Repeat for each segment and cut into smaller pieces if desired.


This may not be the quickest way to slice a pineapple but it definitely wastes the least amount of fruit.

Twist off green top. Cut the skin off the top and bottom.

Slice the skin off as thinly as possible around the whole pineapple.

You'll be left with this sort of polka dotted pineapple. Find the natural diagonal direction of the "polka dots".

Cut wedges around each line of "dots"

I learned this in Thailand, they do a much better job!

Cut in four. You can remove the core if you like. Cuts into smaller pieces if desired.


I think most of us know this trick but thought I'd throw it in.

 Cut each end off of the kiwi and cut in half.

Wedge a small spoon between the flesh and the fruit being careful not to break the skin. Using counter pressure with your other hand, slide the spoon around the whole kiwi until the skin comes off.

Puffed Wheat Squares

These are a delicious treat that I think every kid remembers their mom, dad or grandma making at some point. I say treat because, although they are relatively low in fat and calories, the ingredients aren't that healthy but they are just as delicious as I remember!

Mix brown sugar, corn syrup and cocoa powder in large sauce pan over medium heat. Stir frequently until a low boil starts.

Add margarine and return to a boil.

Mixing constantly, let mixture boil vigorously for one minute (very important to do it for at least a minute, the more it boils the stickier it becomes).

Remove from heat and mix in puffed wheat. Mix until all puffed wheat are coated.

In a 9x13 nonstick pan, spread mixture. Cover with saran or wax paper (and a towel if too hot) and press puffed wheat very firmly into pan. Let sit until cool (about 20 minutes).

Flip onto cutting board.

Cut into desired size squares. 

Puffed Wheat Squares
1 cup brown sugar (or 1/2 cup Splenda brown sugar - cuts down on calories!)
1/2 cup corn syrup
3 tbsp cocoa powder
1/3 cup margarine
9 cups puffed wheat

Friday, 2 March 2012

Simple Muesli

Apparently muesli is a common breakfast in Europe and Australia but I actually got addicted to it while visiting Thailand. I had muesli with fruit and yogurt for breakfast for basically a month straight and still can't get enough of it so now I make it at home. Very simple to make too!

Place all ingredients in a large bowl and toss with a spoon or hands.

At this point, if you choose, place mixture in a 9x13 oven safe pan and toast for 15 to 20 minutes at 350F degrees, making sure to toss mixture ever 5 minutes or so to evenly toast and prevent burning.

But I just like to eat mine as is, untoasted. Raw oat flakes are surprisingly good! Store in a convenient container.

Serve on top of fruit and top with yogurt. Mmm breakfast, the reason I get out of bed! 

Simple Muesli
5 cups large flake oats (rolled oats)
3 cups Special K, Rice Krispies or Corn Flakes
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 dried cranberries
2 tbsp Chia seed (optional)
2 tbsp flax seed (optional)
1 tbsp cinnamon

* Feel free to add 1/4 cup of any nuts or seeds such as chopped almonds and pepitas or any other dried fruit*