Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cutting Fruit

 I just thought I'd share a few simple tricks for cutting some common fruits. Some you may already know and some may be brand new tips.


Find which way the pit runs. The pit is flat and wide. Cut it on the flat side on either sides.

Then cut around the other sides until you have something that looks like this.

Make horizontal and vertical cuts, but do not cut the skin.

Flip it "inside out" and cut or remove each square by hand.


 Cut in half and scrape out the middles with a spoon.

Set one half aside. Flip other half downward onto cutting board and cut into three segments; two ends and one middle. Cut the two ends into three. Cut the middle in two. Repeat with other half.

Stand up one segment on end. With a sharp knife, cut off the skin. Use your other hand on the back of the skin to hold the fruit steady. Repeat for each segment and cut into smaller pieces if desired.


This may not be the quickest way to slice a pineapple but it definitely wastes the least amount of fruit.

Twist off green top. Cut the skin off the top and bottom.

Slice the skin off as thinly as possible around the whole pineapple.

You'll be left with this sort of polka dotted pineapple. Find the natural diagonal direction of the "polka dots".

Cut wedges around each line of "dots"

I learned this in Thailand, they do a much better job!

Cut in four. You can remove the core if you like. Cuts into smaller pieces if desired.


I think most of us know this trick but thought I'd throw it in.

 Cut each end off of the kiwi and cut in half.

Wedge a small spoon between the flesh and the fruit being careful not to break the skin. Using counter pressure with your other hand, slide the spoon around the whole kiwi until the skin comes off.