Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I Love You Because...

This is a really wonderful thing to make and display for you and your loved ones to write special notes. I made mine into a magnet but you can definitely just leave it as a regular picture frame and put it on a table or shelf.

You'll Need
- A picture* or paper with the words " I love you because..." 
- Picture frame
- Strong magnets
- Glue or glue gun
- Tape

* To print words on a picture, simply go into the Paint program on your PC and add the words. Make sure to "Save As" under a different name or else you could wreck your original. Then print picture via a regular print or photo printer.

Remove backing from frame. Place picture in desired place and tape if needed. Because this is going on the fridge, I removed the cardboard stand from the back as well.

The back of my frame was inset a bit so I cut the cardboard stand and attached it to my magnets to give them some height.

Glue magnets on back of frame. Make sure you find strong magnets. I found this a bit challenging and ended up testing a whole bunch in the store.

Attach to fridge. With a dry erase marker, write your message.