Sunday, 11 March 2012

Organize Your Pantry

Yikes! This is my pantry cupboard, filled with miscellaneous bulk store bags. Don't judge because I have a feeling I'm not alone! With a quick trip to the dollar store though I managed to tame the beast. You will have to find basket/jar combinations that work best for your needs.

You'll need 
- Several large jars with lids
- A few small jars for smaller items
- Low profile baskets or trays
- Dry erase maker
- Small scoops
- Self adhesive whiteboard paper, chalkboard paper or high gloss labels (optional) 
- Large punch

* Whiteboard paper is optional because you can write directly on the jars*

First soak all the jars in hot soapy water to clean and remove and price tags or labels. Air dry completely.

Punch out shape from whiteboard paper.

Affix label to top or front of jar.

Place canning funnel in jar and fill.

Add a scooper is desired.

Label jar. Repeat.

Small jar for smaller items. 

Once labelled and filled, place jar in baskets. Put basket in cupboard.

Tada! Pantry heaven!

Jars with lids = $15
Small jars = $4.74
Whiteboard paper = $8
White board makers = $1
Baskets = $4.50
Scoops = $5

Total = $38.24

Organization and finding what you need while you bake: